Our Added Value

Our clarity and ability to create value in a structured way through the identification, management and exploitation of the intellectual capital of companies is the main differentiator and the "Smart Money" we provide. The fund's specialization falls on 4 axes:

Strategic Planning

Analysis, questioning and permanent reinvention of the business model, and value proposition of the company based on changes in the environment, industry and market opportunities.

Organizational culture and Management

Effective recruitment, development and retention of human capital, redefinition of organizational culture aligned to the achievement of objectives, sustainable business expansion, knowledge management and innovation.

Financial Strategy

Financial models, cash flow budgets, cost optimization, risk analysis and management, financing and fiscal optimization strategies.

Professionalization and Corporate Governance

Mapping and standardization of company processes and projects, organizational manuals, establishment of operational policies, optimization of corporate structure, development of Board of Directors and definition and implementation of support bodies for the management and monitoring of the company.