Our Projects

We currently manage and operate three private equity funds as well as various companies and an educational program.

Shanghai VC
Seed fund I

It’s a fund focused on early-stage service and tech companies whose value proposition is based in transference of experience and management knowledge to empower the founding team.

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SV Alfa I

It’s a fund focused on early stage companies that participate in traditional industries, where the value proposition is based on innovation, management and financial strategies.

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DG Energy Fund

Fund focused on the energy industry, dedicated to finance the transition to renewable energies in Mexico, facilitating homes, businesses and industries to adopt photovoltaic technologies in a distributed manner.

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Directed Investments

We manage directed investments to companies making use of our value creation capabilities. We complement and support the interested parties that want to venture into investments in companies as well as our financial products, carrying out the corresponding investment and follow-up strategy.

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Total capital

Program that was born with the objective of increasing and promoting education in the private equity industry, a sector that has had a lot of growth in recent years.

The program is aimed at three profiles: entrepreneurs, investors and fund managers.

Created so that those people involved or interested in the industry can learn or complement their knowledge with the structure created and with the expertise of the speakers who teach each of the modules.

In the end the participants can see reflected the value acquired in their personal projects or jobs.

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